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The Amirault-Grosbois family has also surrounded itself with winegrowers who have the same taste for the place and the environment: whether in Chinon, Bourgueil, Gaillac, they all carry this same vision and meet the proposed specifications.


We are also constantly looking for ‘gardener” winegrowers (lovers of their vines), determined to convert their domain to Organic Farming when they are not already certified AB. This is when Amirault Grosbois comes to assist them and create a long-term partnership to ensure that this change of method takes place in the best possible way.

“Our Partner Winegrowers,
pampering gardeners
their vines”

Let's cultivate the winegrower's garden

In love with our vines, our work and that of our partner winegrowers is guided by respect for the living.

As farmer-winegrowers, we campaign to preserve the richness and biodiversity of our land in order to offer our grapes the most beautiful of gardens.

We practice natural grassing in our plots and we work our land without inputs to promote the activity and biological life of the soil.

We also work in polyculture: we raise cows, donkeys, pigs, chickens and geese and we grow fruit and vegetables in our vegetable gardens.

We are also developing agroforestry projects in the vineyards with the planting of trees and shrubs.

Growing vines between the wild grasses, among cows and chickens or at the foot of trees, this is the most beautiful vineyard garden!

Famille Amirault-Grosbois
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