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Values and Commitments a Loire style with commitments fair and sustainable:

Guided by their convictions from the start, Nicolas and Sylvain, Xavier and Agnès; are committed and campaign to preserve the environment and thus offer wines that respect life.

With each vintage, we find wines that are surprising in their character, like the people who devote themselves to them. The guideline can only be the love of the profession, the terroir, the vine, in short of the living that makes up our environment.

This philosophy is led by the conduct of viticulture in Organic Agriculture, certified since 2013, then the precepts of Biodynamic Agriculture since 2016, certified by Demeter. A constant search to preserve the natural balance and the vegetative cycle of our vineyards remains in the hearts of the spirits: the balance between the energies of the Earth (known as roots), and Space (known as flowers, leaves and fruits) is to find. From this simple precept stems the rhythm instilled in the domain teams.

Finally, the culmination of the so-called “Nature” cuvées also imposed itself with the membership of the Syndicat des Vin Méthode Nature in 2020, the only legislator recognized by the French government.

The notions of “sustainable” and “equitable” involve also Amirault-Grosbois family: their missions of transmission, sharing, and authenticity complement their values of transparency, perseverance and finally put down roots in the Loire.

From these values and missions flow the desire to be part of a process
social responsibility and environmental, known as CSR.

Famille Amirault Grosbois has been certified since June 2020 PME+, ISO 26000 label, by Ecocert which guarantees the proper respect of these practices, both with regard to the winegrower partners and the teams.
These are accessible wines that are offered, to delight our customers and consumers.


Employee well-being

We favor equal opportunities between employees without discrimination. We encourage training and promote personal development within our structure (organization of meals to strengthen the links between employees, common vegetable garden, etc.).

2020 - 2021

The environment

The environment is at the heart of our concerns to offer wines that respect life. Our AB, Demeter (Biodynamics) and more recently Vin Méthode Nature certifications confirm our environmental initiatives.

2020 - 2021

The fair remuneration of our partners

We fairly compensate our winegrower-partners with whom we share the same vision. Our collaboration, governed by specifications, is above all based on the trust of our know-how.

2020 - 2021

Our local footprint

Nous privilégions les fournisseurs locaux pour favoriser le «circuit-court». 85% de nos fournisseurs sont implantés dans les régions Centre Val de Loire & Pays de la Loire.

2020 - 2021

Recycling and waste treatment

We useenvironmentally friendly packaging (kraft cardboard and recycled glass) and favor lightweight glass bottles. We recycle and process our waste: glass, cardboard, paper and wine effluent.

2020 - 2021

Transparency in our practices

We want consumers to benefit from clear information on the composition of our wines. From 2022, they will have access to the nutritional data of each bottle using a flash code.

2020 - 2021

Amirault-Grosbois certifications

Certified since 2013

Ensures that food ingredients and products are organic. France & Europe.
Prohibition of GMOs, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides.

Certified since 2016

Guarantees that the products are organic and from biodynamic agriculture. Prohibition of GMOs, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, nitrites, citric acids, nanomaterials, production in heated greenhouses. Production and processing are much more restrictive than organic farming.

Certified since 2020

Guarantees that the products are at least in organic conversion. Obligation of manual harvesting. Vinification using indigenous yeasts only.
No input is added. No action of voluntary modification of the constitution of the grape. No recourse to brutal and traumatic physical techniques. No sulphite is added before and during fermentation, nor in the starters.

Certified since 2020

Guarantees that productions are made in respect of living ecosystems with better management of natural resources and energies.
ISO-26000 certified.

Since 2012, organic wine has been regulated by European specifications from the vine to the cellar. On the vine side, the AB label prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, weedkillers, etc.).

On the vinification side, the label requires respecting the true nature of the product as much as possible: only certified organic oenological products are authorized, certain vinification processes are prohibited and the use of sulfur is limited.

Based on the precepts of Rudolph Steiner, biodynamics considers the wine estate as an ecosystem subject to the influence of the stars. To promote biodiversity, the Demeter label requires the winemaker to apply biodynamic preparations to the soil and the vines.

In terms of winemaking, the label is very demanding: very few inputs, fermentations exclusively with native yeasts and even less sulfur than organic.

The principle of natural wine or natural wine is to limit human intervention as much as possible to allow nature to express itself. The new Wine Method Nature label clarifies its definition. On the vines side, the grapes must be organic or in conversion and harvested only by hand.

On the vinification side, the same requirement, the winemaker intervenes as little as possible: no inputs or manipulations, fermentations with indigenous yeasts, no sulphites or tiny doses accepted during bottling.

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