Clients of the Amirault-Grosbois family

Offering our wines
to consumers
around the world.

You will be able to find our wines in the traditional French distribution channels (supermarkets and in discussion with French restaurants), but also with our international partners (Norway, China ….. and soon other prospective markets).


Distribution via our supermarket customers
and our ambition is to develop in the
traditional retail channels:

Retail :
A collaboration since our founding

Since the founding of the company, Family Amirault Grosbois can be found in French supermarkets, in particular Système U, Monoprix, Carrefour, Casino, Les Mousquetaires etc.

Every year, we ensure that our vintages are promoted not only in the Spring and Autumn Wine Fairs but also throughout the year.

Many thanks for their confidence!

Logo of the actors of GD France (see AG presentation).

The traditional circuits,
Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants:
our wish is to offer
our wines to restaurateurs.

It is in a way the distribution we are looking for, offering our wines to the greatest number of people.

It is undoubtedly a plan that is close to our hearts, to help wine lovers discover the wines we offer ….. A project for the coming months.

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