Let's cultivate the winegrower's garden

In love with our vines, our work and that of our partner winegrowers is guided by respect for the living.

As farmer-vinegrowers, we campaign to preserve the richness and biodiversity of our land in order to offer our grapes the most beautiful of gardens.

The cradle of the Amirault-Grosbois family is nestled between Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil and Chinon for 6 generations.

In 2007, the two cousins ​​Xavier Amirault and Nicolas Grosbois decided to combine their know-how and their vision of wine.

To complete their range of Loire wines,
The Amirault-Grosbois family is surrounded
also passionate winegrowers from the South-West:

Chinon, Bourgueil, Gaillac, all share the same vision.
Organic wines that respect the work of men, the land and that respect their terroir.

4 ranges of wines with their terroir identity

Les Couleurs

Les Instants

Les Tableaux

Les Parcellaires


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Famille Amirault-Grosbois
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