Amirault-Grosbois Family

Passion, Sharing and Terroir;
the Amirault-Grosbois Families.

Nestled on the meanders of the Loire, at the confluence of the Vienne, between Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil and Chinon is the cradle of the Amirault & Grosbois families. A family of winegrowers for 6 generations, where the story begins. It was in 2008 that Xavier Amirault and Nicolas Grosbois, founders, decided to pool their know-how to offer their vision of wine: wines that respect the work of men and women, of the land and which express their terroir.

A vision born from their experiences and from their quest for adventure.


  • Nicolas with 10 years as a “flying winemaker” around the world, in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Latin America.

Xavier, based for 12 years in New York and San Francisco as North America manager.

This also led them to meet other winemakers to identify the best terroirs in France in order to offer a range of wines of surprising freshness.


History and team
Women and Men of character
that reflect their terroir.

A human adventure ,
through the seasons:

Representing our winegrowing heritage is the mission of the Amirault-Grosbois family. To preserve the Cabernet Franc, the endemic grape variety of the Chinon, AOP Bourgueil, and AOP Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil appellations.


In 2016, after a period of frost, we looked to the South-West and began a partnership with an equally committed winemaker in the appellation of Gaillac, Côte du Tarn & premières côtes.


Here is the beginning of our adventure of offering French wines in a Loire style and respecting the indigenous grape varieties, notably Duras and Braucol (Fer Servadou) for the reds and Colombard, Mauzac for the whites.

Amirault-Grosbois: A passionate team :

The Amirault-Grosbois family, it’s five people devoted to their environment: the work in the vineyard, the search for a balance between plant material and human interaction, the diversity of cultures, the search for a fair wine that reflects place.

“The wines must have “the face of the place and the guts of the winegrower” (M. Puisais). We are fundamentally attached to the Appellations, to what is made on site and by humans”.
“A winegrower’s trade with strong values that are close to our hearts: wines from the terroirs, organic or even biodynamic in certain aspects”.
Winemaker, technical director
“A diversity of terroirs, with different characters, which encourage us to refine our methods. Our DNA, cabernet franc, but not only… the grape varieties of the South inspire us enormously”.

Administrative & Logistics

“To be able to offer our customers honest, gourmet wines from winegrowers that can delight them”

Commercial director

“A diversity of appellations, grape varieties and vinifications that make it a business for innovative and modern gardeners. »

Grégoire DUBOIS
Vineyards, Winery, Marketing

“4 Loire red appellations that make you want to discover Cabernet Franc. Vinified according to strict specifications, we defuse this grape variety for as many people as possible. »
Development Director, Winemaker-Associate
“A profession of passion, at the service of our Loire and South-West wines. The diversity of the two regions encourages us to reflect on the directions to take”.
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